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Funding Initiatives

We are raising funds to improve our facilities for all members. Our club's contribution will be used for charitable sporting projects, with all funds distributed by the Australian Sports Foundation. 

We are grateful and humbled by those who wish to leave a legacy to the Toowong Rowing Club. No matter the size or amount they are able to give. We rely on the power of individuals giving together to help us and we hope to be able to count you among our wonderful bequeathers.

Raising funds for high-performance rowing equipment including boats, oars, ergometers, and gym equipment for the club's elite athletes.

Becoming a partner with the Toowong Rowing Club means becoming a partner with one of the most successful rowing clubs in Australia and with the sport of rowing that is growing rapidly. 

Containers for Change is a QLD Government Scheme that places a redeemable 10c deposit on drink containers (150ml to three litres). 

You can help TRC by collecting your bottles and dropping them into the Club or dropping them off at a refund point. 

Our Club ID is C10134592 

The foundation has been established to provide long-term support for the Toowong Rowing Club through the accumulation of investments. Over time, funds will be available for infrastructure, boats and equipment, and to subsidise rowing for youth. 

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