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Are you looking to take your coxing to the next level? Are you keen to work with crews from Masters through to High-Performance? At Toowong, we understand the importance of the cox. Contact us today to discuss your options. 


"Since joining Toowong Rowing Club, I have been given the opportunity to further my skills as a Cox by working with Masters, Under 21 High Performance and Junior High-Performance programs. The club has provided me with great coaching and guidance from both the athletes and coaches as they support me to grow as a Cox and help me achieve my goals. Being a proud member of Toowong Rowing Club, I have acquired a strong understanding of this humble haven as it is not only a place to row, grow and succeed but also a place to be a part of a solidified culture and a place to call home." Jayden Klemenc - Terrace Year 11 1st VIII Cox & 2018 QLD Pathway Cox 


"Club coxing gives coxswains the opportunity to expand their existing knowledge of the sport and use it at the different levels of Junior, High Performance and Masters. With opportunities to develop your coxing ability both in training and short/long-distance racing, Toowong provides the pinnacle of coxing development. Rowing groups tend to dismiss the development of coxswain, but at Toowong, the coaches at all levels not only give feedback themselves but encourage and enforce feedback from the rowers, which provides a friendly constructive environment between the cox and rower."Jasmine Halley - Somerville House 1st VIII Cox 2016, QLD Boys Youth Co-Coach 2018 & Toowong Rowing Club High-Performance Cox

Sadie Ridgeway cox
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