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Year 12 & 
School Leavers


At Toowong, we understand that the Year 12 study workload and finishing school are challenging in a young adult's life. We are keen to support you on your rowing journey beyond school. Are you considering high performance, interested in coaching or looking to stay fit & active? Contact us today to discuss your options.    


Before I was at Toowong Rowing Club, I was rowing for Shalom College in Bundaberg. In Bundaberg, a handful of us wanted to train as a high-performance crew, but we didn't have the proper equipment and training centres. My coach Rodney Silcox had his son Nick Silcox "Big Red" row for Toowong Rowing club, who went on and rowed for Qld and Australia with the help of the Toowong Rowing club.


With Nick's success at Toowong, Rod suggested that if I wanted to reach my goals, then I should row for Toowong. So I've been at Toowong for around 4 months, and I've completed a lot of my goals, which I set back in Bundaberg. The training squad I'm in is basically a second family. We train and hang out together. If you're looking for a club after school or looking for your next challenge, I would highly recommend Toowong as that club to do it with.  - Ryan Barber

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