The King's Cup

Under the senior leadership of Jack Hutchinson, Bruce Greenland, Randall Martin & Paul Pettigrew, the King's Cup Association started its comeback in 2018.


Think Sheffield Shield, Australia’s Interstate-Cricket Championship, where Queensland suffered from a 63-year drought between 1927 – 1995.  That was broken, not just by Matthew Hayden, Allan Border, Martin Love, Stuart Law, and Jimmy Maher amassing 664 in the first innings of the final against South Australia.

They were enabled from the ground up by a broad community commitment to breaking the drought, and they did so through a combination of off-field and on-field resolve.


We want to achieve the same victory for Queensland Men’s Sweep Rowing in the King's Cup. When Queensland ultimately wins King's Cup, it will be over 80 years and will top the charts as the biggest drought ever broken.